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The beast – at Goodwood Breakfast Club


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About the builders:

Simon ‘Thor’ Allison – With a background in the entertainment technology business, Simon sure knows how to keep people happy, and this monster will be no exception. Now holding down a 'proper job' as a barrister, Simon’s rusty prior skills as a sound and lighting engineer and project manager mean he will be 'over seeing' the mechanical side of the build (i.e. not getting his hands too dirty), and concentrating on the complex electrical system for the car, which will also play a vital role in the internal aesthetics of the car. The brains behind the operation!


Jon ‘Austin Powers’ Titmuss – By day a barrister (or is it barrista, his coffee is good!?), by night a wreck, but by weekend, a genius with a lawnmower. Jon hopes to transfer his garden equipment maintenance skills into real results with the more mechanical aspects of the build. In addition, his anal approach to engineering means he is more than adept at complicating the small parts of the build that make all the difference to the car. Jon’s love of soft furnishings sure will make him and instant hit with ladies up and down the country! Claims to be the brains behind the operation, but thankfully is not the builder of the website ;-)

About the car:

The kit being used is a DeDion Tojeiro kit from Dax (DJ Sportscars). Further details can be found on their website by clicking here.


The kit is loosely based on a Shelby Cobra 427, a 60’s racing legend which we both love. However, this is no attempt to build a replica, as we could not do it justice. The ‘beast’ will be modernised, with a more aggressive shape as provided by the Dax kit.

About this site:

The primary purpose of this website is to enable the builders to share and archive documents and pictures.


The secondary purpose of this website is so that friends and family can stay updated on progress. This will of course depend on me updating the website regularly!

The last update of this site was on 7th September 2010